she's gone now
dancing with mollie, is like dancing with the devil.
It’s been a while since Iv put a photo up….obviously we should be models @designslutft




Marrying young is not the end of my freedom. It means I want to travel and see the world, but with her by my side. It means I still like drinking in bars and dancing in clubs, but stumbling home with her at 2am and eating pizza in our underwear. It means I know that I want to kiss those lips every morning, and every night before bed. If you see marriage as the end of your ‘freedom’, you’re doing it wrong.


applause for you omg

Whoops forgot my medication today, pros meaning I can eat, sleep, and not be cranky all day….cons I’ll be on them one day longer than planned, and I’ll have to have my inhaler on me all day….

Iv been having nightmares.